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Posted on Monday 1 October 2018 13:22
Just/Art - not just a simple exhibition to represent Europe and its social challanges
Posted on Tuesday 21 August 2018 15:26
Last workshop in Tuzla with A@W
Posted on Monday 16 July 2018 12:09
Don Ciotti: “Red t-shirts against the loss of humanity”
Posted on Thursday 5 July 2018 15:07
Festival in Turin "Harmony, when art frees the good"
Posted on Friday 15 June 2018 12:12
Shaping ideas - The second workshop in Paris April 30. - May 4. 2018
Posted on Monday 21 May 2018 12:50
Shaping Ideas - Second Artists@Work workshop in Bologna
Posted on Wednesday 9 May 2018 16:45
Shaping ideas - The second workshop in Italy 14/18 May 2018
Posted on Wednesday 2 May 2018 15:22
Second workshop of Artists@Work in France !
Posted on Monday 23 April 2018 16:12
The second workshop of the Artists@Work project in Tuzla was success and fun
Posted on Friday 20 April 2018 11:00
Artists@Work in Tuzla: An exhibition of artwork of participants displayed a variety of ideas
Posted on Tuesday 3 April 2018 13:11
Posted on Friday 23 March 2018 15:52
The 23rd Day of Memory and Commitment in remembrance of mafias innocent victims
Posted on Friday 9 March 2018 13:30
Artists@Work in Tuzla: Art against corruption and social injustice (VIDEO)
Posted on Friday 23 February 2018 17:08
"Contromafiecorruzione" from Italy the will of a new narrative of mafias and corruption
Posted on Thursday 22 February 2018 09:53
Pills of First Photography Workshop in Bologna!
Posted on Monday 12 February 2018 11:53
Besides the laboratory activities, two appointments open to the public!
Posted on Wednesday 7 February 2018 18:32
Artists@Work arrives in Italy
Posted on Tuesday 6 February 2018 12:59
End of the second A@W workshop in Tuzla
Posted on Tuesday 30 January 2018 14:41
First workshop A@W in Tuzla 2018!
Posted on Thursday 18 January 2018 17:02
Highlights of the First Photography Workshop in Paris
Posted on Wednesday 17 January 2018 16:55
First Workshop A@W in Paris
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