In the creative industries, new technologies lead to important changes in the skills demand, making the digital competences and the creative cross-overs among different art-forms and media at the centre of the sectors’ innovation.
The project Artists@Work. Creativity for Justice and Fairness in Europe aims at outlining a model for the enhancement of the digital skills and the cross-media artistic techniques of European artists and creatives.

A@W involves 3 countries and 3 artistic languages: Audiovisual and Comics in Italy, Photography and Audiovisual in France, Comics and Photography in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In order to promote the exchange of artistic professional experiences, 120 European artists, selected by a transnational call for artists, will be guided and mentored by 6 professional artists from 3 different countries, deepening their skills in the art of comics and illustration, photography and video-making. The participants will be coached for 14 months to create original artworks, building a network at European level to foster their careers and create new business opportunities. The frame of the activities will be the role of art and creativity in conveying social values with a focus on the social justice and the fight against organized crime and corruption.

The training model places at the heart of the creative process the potentialities of new digital technologies through an online platform, a dedicated space to exchange thoughts and methodologies while trainers to coach and supervise the creative process of the artists. Peer mentoring and cross medial contaminations will enrich the training with innovative features. The platform will also serve as main space for the communication and the dissemination of the artworks.
Through the platform the artworks and all the communication outputs of the project will reach the European public as an international campaign supporting social justice and the fight against organized crime and corruption.

120 participants / 6 professional trainers / 9 creative-making workshops / 3 countries/ 3 creative arts / 2 coaching approaches / 1 international communication campaign.
A@W was born from the experiences of 5 partners: Fondazione Unipolis, as lead partner, Cinemovel Foundation, Libera, Les Ateliers Varan and Udruzenje Tuzlanska Amica. The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.
From 9th October to 10th December 2017 a transnational call addressed to creatives interested in telling about the world around them, with focus on issues related to social justice, was opened. 120 participants are selected to be coached for 14 months by 6 professionals to sharpen their skills and create, either individually or in group, original artworks.

The framework of the activities is the role of arts and creativity in conveying social values, first of all social justice and the fight against organized crime and corruption. The training model consists of workshops and online coaching: 20 filmmakers and 20 cartoonists and illustrators will take part in 3 workshops in Italy; 20 filmmakers and 20 photographers in France; 20 photographers and 20 cartoonists in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Remote mentoring will be added to in-residence activity with the support of the online platform that will allow following the development of works and promoting ideas sharing among participants.

Artworks and project’s results will be promoted and disseminated at European level through the website and social media channels and in Italy, France and Bosnia and Herzegovina through an international communication campaign promoted by A@W partners within their own initiatives and networks.