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The second workshop of the Artists@Work project in Tuzla was success and fun
Monday 23 April 2018 16:12
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Artists@Work in Tuzla

An exhibition of artwork made by young artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina within the Artists@Work project that took place on Thursday 19.04.2018. at headquarters of “Tuzlanska Amica” Association in Tuzla, was not only the promotion of the project but a nice gathering as well.

At the first workshop, participants were introduced to the project, trainers and topics such as social injustice, the fight against usury, organized crime and corruption.

Second workshop cycle was held at “House of flame of Peace” in Tuzla as a production pre-phase.

Participants will have their last workshop in July and August, after which their works will visit Italy and France, with the last exhibition in Paris museum “Quai Branly”.

Emina Ahmetović is one of the participants. Her work is based on the air pollution of the Tuzla area - she thinks that the knowledge they gather at the workshop, can tell stories relevant to the community and thus contribute to society. She highlighted how much mentors helped her and other students to strengthen her technical skills.

At the second workshop of the program, photographer and designer Munever Salihović and French photographer Stéphan Charpentier led a group of young photographers, while Dejan Slavuljica, a graphic design master, illustrator and assistant at the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts and his colleague Pietro Scarnera a journalist and illustrator from Bologna, Italy, were in charge of the group for workshops for comics and illustration.

"Young people in BiH have potential but society prevents them from doing things that can only bring benefit. This gives me the hope that I am not alone, that I am not the only one and that there is some inheritance, some young people who will be able to work on further, maybe do a lot more than I am. There will be struggle, but we have time to do it properly", said Munever Salihović, coach at a photography workshop.

Dejan Slavuljica, one of the trainers, pointed out that the group he is coaching in Tuzla is the youngest, but that these young people are already experienced and built individuals.

Lana Miličić, one of participants is delighted by the multiculturality in this project.

"It's surprising that most of the participants are doing other things and studying something completely different, but they have dreams and they are led by love," said Lana Milićić, a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo.

Free workshops are powered by the EU and through Creative Europe and are conducted by “Fondazione Unipolis” as a leading partner and the “Cinemovel Foundation”, “Libera Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie”, from Italy, "Les Ateliers Varan" from France and the Association "Tuzlanska Amica" from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Photo by Adnan Alić and Harisa Dautović
An article by Harisa Dautović