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"Contromafiecorruzione" from Italy the will of a new narrative of mafias and corruption
Friday 23 February 2018 17:08

February 2018 has been a special month for A@W!

Starting with Contromafie the event offered by Libera to the antimafia movement in which organizations committed against the various forms of organized and transnational crime and related corruption practices meet to compare strategies and paths, develop proposals, elaborate civil and non-violent actions, promote best practices in the field of freedom, citizenship, information, law, justice and solidarity.

It represented an important opportunity to present A@W and the role of art and creativity in conveying social values with a focus on social justice during one of the 9 events on Feb. 3rd with more then 100 persons attending the event Parole e Immagini vs le Mafie (Words and Images against Mafias).

An actual comparison towards directors, writers, journalists, actors, activists, relatives of victims able to express a new narrative of mafias, but not only. In this regards, the overcoming of the pairing good-evil is essential.

In the while we have just closed the 1st workshop in Italy and now we are moving to the next steps of our project!


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