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Just/Art - not just a simple exhibition to represent Europe and its social challanges
Monday 1 October 2018 13:22

Also this year, UnipolSai and the Foundation Unipolis renew their collaboration with Internazionale a Ferrara, the festival from the 5th until the 7th of October that will bring journalist, writers and authors from all over the world to the city. The rich program of this twelfth edition consists of debates, workshops, exhibitions and film screenings which will be accessible for free.

In particular, Unipolis shared and collaborated with Internazionale for setting and organizing four meetings in which it will discuss the relationship between populism and democracy, inequalities in contemporary society, the role and image of women in the fight for legality, and the young creative Europeans against social injustice and organized crime.

In particular A@W protagonists will be attend the following meeting:

Saturday 6 October | Sala Estense, 11.00 a.m.

Arte di Valore (Valueable art)
Il ruolo della cultura e dell’arte per trasmettere i valori di legalità, giustizia e solidarietà (“The role of culture and art to convey the values of legality, justice and solidarity”)

Cecilia Conti, Cinemovel Foundation
Roberta Franceschinelli, Unipolis Foundation
Bruno Oliviero, director
Pietro Scarnera, author of comics
Patrick Willocq, French photographer

Internazionale Programme

During the days of the Festival it will be possible to preview the exhibition Just/Art of the works of Artists@Work at Factory Grisù: an exhibition to talk about the social changes Europe is going through, and to touch on issues like legality, justice, and solidarity through comics, photography and cinema.

The works were created by young artists from Italy, France and Bosnia as part of a project, co-funded by Creative Europe, and promoted by the Unipolis Foundation, Libera, Alteliers Varan, and Tuzlanska Amica.