Final Work
She likes to work


This project work focuses on equal opportunities in the workplace. The comic is about a young woman hoping to start a fulfilling career in her workplace – she will soon find out that her opportunities are not the same as her male colleagues. Beside this story, the episodes of an imaginary character in the shape of a uterus are developed, ironically referring to females as unfit to work and only destined to reproduction.


Laura De Prato is a multimedia designer, with studies in design and political sciences. As a cartoons and comics enthusiast, I like to experiment new form of expression for my unstoppable imagination, trying to promote the human issues.

Flavia Ferraguti is an illustrator and comics artist interested in narrating personal, intimate stories with a wide echo.


She likes to work a project by Laura De Prato and Flavia Ferraguti
Trainers: Pietro Scarnera and Dejan Slavuljica