Final Work
Subjet of desire

Between an ethnographic study and an artistic approach, this work deals with beauty, seduction and desire issues, from a gender perspective. In our society, still characterized by male dominance, women remain the incarnation of beauty and visual pleasure. They are stereotyped as object of desire - of men’s desire, for male’s gaze. The aim of my project is to reverse this androcentric perspective and to place women as SUBJECT of desire.

I am currently studying anthropology at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences sociales (Paris). My doctoral thesis focuses on female gazes upon men’s bodies, by analyzing how male beauty interacts in heterosexual seduction. Always passionate about photography, I was so far practicing has a hobby. Artist@Work project gave me the opportunity to combine my PhD work with this passion.

Subjet of desire is a project by Morgane Tocco

Trainers: Stephane Charpentier and Munever Salihović