Final Work
A cu apparteni

The documentary "A cu apparteni - Earth and Skin" main focus is the quest of identity. Focusing on Sant'Alessio in Aspromonte, a small village in south of Italy, we want to show the interaction and the
connections that are arising between local inhabitants, left alone by the younger generations, and the
newcomers, refugees and asylum seekers, hosted by the SPRAR, Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees. Working together on they are creating a new social context made of mutual respect and

Valentina Auliso is a documentary maker, interested in social, spiritual and actual issues.
Clelia Carbonari is a photo-journalist and documentarist, interested in social and environmental issues.

A cu apparteni is a project by Clelia Carbonari and Valentina Auliso

Trainers: Bruno Oliviero and Renaud Personnaz.